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Backup Generator Installation
In New Hampshire

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Stay Comfortable & Safe

Backup generator installation provides peace of mind for homeowners during power outages. It also maintains heating and cooling systems, as well as appliances and lights, preventing discomfort or inconvenience during an emergency.

Quick Installations

It takes roughly 2-3 days to fully install backup generators. Depending on several factors, maybe even sooner! Get your in-person estimate today to get started!

Fan Repair Projects

Don't let a broken fan disrupt the comfort of your home. Regular fan repair and maintenance can prolong the life of your fan.

Work With The Experts

For professional and efficient backup generator installation in NH, choose a reputable and experienced technician. You can ensure optimal performance and energy efficiency, improving the comfort and value of your home.

Keep Essentials Running

A backup generator ensures essential home functions such as heating, cooling, lighting, and refrigeration continue to run during power outages, keeping your family comfortable and safe. Protect your home and valuables from damage caused by power outages by installing a backup generator.

Increase Home Value

A backup generator can increase a home's value by providing a sense of security and reliability for potential buyers. It also demonstrates to potential buyers that the home is equipped to handle power outages and other potential emergencies, making it a more desirable property.

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How The
Process Works

Our team will visit your home to assess your needs and recommend the best generator size and specifications.

Measurement & Preparation
Our team will prepare the site for the installation, including obtaining necessary permits and ensuring proper ventilation and fuel supply.

Our team will install the generator according to manufacturer's instructions and local codes. This includes connecting the generator to the existing wiring, mounting the generator to a concrete pad, and installing a transfer switch.

Our team will test the generator to ensure it is operating properly and safely. They will also go over the generator's operation and maintenance with you

Final inspection
Our team will conduct a final inspection to ensure the generator is installed correctly and meets all safety regulations.

We will provide maintenance for generator to ensure optimal performance and longevity.