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Lighting Installation
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Unique Products

While we move into 2023, the lighting options for your home keep growing. Modern lighting solutions provide a great look, and are fully custom.

Increase Energy Efficiency

Spend less on your monthly electric bill with energy efficient lighting installation in NH.

Outdoor Lighting Options

Light up your walkways, entrances and outdoor spaces with professional outdoor lighting installation in New Hampshire.

Always Up To Code

Lighting installation is straight forward in most cases, but always need to be completed up to standard safety codes. Trust Grover Electric to install your lighting correctly the first time!

Licensed & Experienced

Our team of lighting repair and installation technicians are highly experienced and insured.

Increase Home Value

A backup generator can increase a home's value by providing a sense of security and reliability for potential buyers. It also demonstrates to potential buyers that the home is equipped to handle power outages and other potential emergencies, making it a more desirable property.

How The
Process Works

Our electricians will visit your space to evaluate the area, discuss your needs and preferences, and recommend the best type and size of lighting for your space.

Measurement & Preparation
We'll take accurate measurements of the space and any necessary electrical work, such as adding new circuits or upgrading existing ones.

We install lighting fixtures according to manufacturer's instructions and NH electrical codes. This includes connecting the fixtures to the existing wiring, mounting the fixtures, and properly grounding and installing any necessary switches and dimmers.

Our team will test the generator to ensure it is operating properly and safely. They will also go over the generator's operation and maintenance with you

Our electricians will thoroughly test the lighting fixtures to ensure they're operating properly and safely.

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